Best Practices Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Targeting Investors

8 Best Practices to Find the Right Investors

Targeting investors is not only paramount to building a successful IR program, but is the hallmark of good IR. In fact, IR Magazine’s Objectives and Challenges Report found that 75% of the 600 IROs surveyed consider targeting one of their top three annual goals.

The increasing speed of information flow and the short attention span of today’s buy-side has made the accuracy, timing, and overall impact of investor outreach more critical than ever before.

Check out our latest Best Practices Guide for in-depth insights on how to find the “right” institutional investors, at the right time.

What's in the Guide:

  • 8 essential best practices to boost your targeting strategies and ROI for investor outreach
  • Strategic tips from seasoned IROs and surveillance analysts
  • A look at how IROs can leverage technology like artificial intelligence and alternative data to take their targeting to the next level