How to Design an Engaging IR Website

Secrets to Bringing Your Brand to Life

5 Ways to Bring Your Brand to Life with an IR Website

Today’s investors rely on your IR site to get a real sense of who you are, what sets you apart, and why they should invest in your company.  From your value proposition to financial metrics, investors need quick and easy access to highly digestible content, all orchestrated by a fully seamless experience across devices.

Whether it’s your shareholders or potential investors, capturing a user’s attention span (on average a mere five seconds!) means that your IR website has to not only communicate efficiently and intuitively, but also creatively.

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What's in the Guide:

  • Key design best practices to create an engaging digital experience
  • Compelling insights on what investors look for in an IR site and what actually makes an impact
  • Examples of publicly-traded companies that successfully implement design best practices to optimize investor engagement